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Business Consulting – Inn Equities

Business Consulting

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Consulting Services

Our expertise with an extensive business backgrounds in Hospitality industry enable us to serve our clients where we provide comprehensive solutions in selling, purchasing, acquiring or brand new Construction of any commercial Assets particularly hotel properties ensuring complete insight on Key Business factors like:

We carry out initial strategic planning beginning with understanding based on your investment criteria, desired markets and ideal targets then research for proper opportunity meets your requirements. Once purchase is made we will will work as a liaison among stakeholders for financing, contract negotiations and closing, as well as planning stages of an acquisition management project providing our expertise as-and-when needed. Post-acquisition, we can handle the intricate planning and execution of Project.

It’s an ideal way to have an accurate financial records or projections (complete insights on creating realistic business plans), as All loan programs require a sound business plan to be submitted with the loan application, we Construct Business Plans and Loan Presentations that Raise Capital. A complete Loan package will ensure expediting process and to improve your chances of success in the future as well as is an essential that you are well prepared if you decide to apply for a loan, help you compile basic documentation together.

The Brand Strategy & Contract Negotiation is to identify the best brand available that satisfy our client’s need and to ensure that their investment and financial interests are well represented and protected during the identification and negotiation stages. we help manage the entire brand selection process and evaluate the all proposals, financial impact on revenue, capital improvements, cost analysis etc. with our expertise and experience will negotiate agreement to ensure terms of are in the investor’s interest and aligned with owner’s objectives.

With our professional team’s astonishing ability to manage any New Construction or Renovation Project we ensure that project is tracking along to plan and managing the project to finishes on time and on budget, making sure team completes it according to building codes, plans, and specs. Upon completion of design phase  we follow up with bidding process, Time, Cost and Quality management combining both price and qualifications, keeping Safety in mind, planning, coordination, and control over the various tasks involved in construction projects.

Accountant from our Firm do identify big picture opportunities and strategies that will help you get ahead making sure if business structure good now and in the long run and depreciating all the right assets in the most productive way and how the most recent changes to tax laws affect business owners. Financial planning is all about investments with an eye to building wealth in the most effective manner while taking into account the life goals and needs of clients which helps maximizing your opportunities for growth.

We are positioned to act as a partner in your due diligence and Feasibility process offering you a bespoke and value-adding approach that looks beyond the Investment Memorandum and generic assessment to uncover hidden information which allows you to make an effective evaluation of the deal and help better understand the relevant issues plus to develop your vision for the asset and ensure that it resonates with your long-term goals and  strategic plan. feasibility study will help determine the viability of their idea before proceeding with the development of a business.

Our expert will support you in all stages of an acquisition and purchase of project site or turnkey business purchase, Strategic growth plan, advise on exit strategies and contract negotiation process alongside the process of working through representations and warranties. Indemnification as these are essentially relating to mutual consideration, Closing date, purchase price etc. finally will recommend the level of an appropriate investment and financing structure most appropriate highlighting opportunities for making a Return on Investment.

We offer expert funding for hotel/motel, office, gas stations, industrial or retail property loans. Our service oriented brokers give you the underwriting expertise required by today’s tougher lending standards. we make sure our borrowers are up to date with their application at all times and that they understand the process from start to finish, our approach to commercial lending is simple, if the deal makes sense we’ll get it done. we’re here to help you explore your best options for commercial financing for your next project, speedy service and closing of your loan.

Whether it’s a just built property or Renovating an existing property, upgrading to meet new brand standards or transition using best resources and our Experienced Professionals offers full-service furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E) sourcing, procurement and installation services. we work hand-in-hand with brand approved FF&E suppliers to ensure interior design projects meet quality and brand standards at a best price there is and providing personal-touch and industry expertise using latest technologies to satisfy all requirements.

Budgeting & financial forecasting are financial planning techniques helps business executive in the decision-making process where budget represents a business’ financial position, cash flows, goals and help analyze between financial forecasts and actual performance. on the other hand, financial forecasting estimates a company’s future financial outcomes by examining historical data determine how to allocate their budgets for a future period. our management team use financial forecasting and take immediate action based on the forecast data.

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Investments Consulting

Economic services provided by the finance industry, which encompasses a broad range of businesses that manage money, including credit unions.

Investment generally results in acquiring an asset, also called an investment. If the asset is available at a price worth investing, it is normally expected either to generate income, or to appreciate in value, so that it can be sold at a higher price (or both). Financial assets range from low-risk to low-return investments.

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Investors are often advised to adopt an investment strategy and diversify their portfolio. Diversification has the statistical effect of reducing overall risk.

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