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Hotel Management – Inn Equities

Hotel Management

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Hospitality Management: Inn Equities assists owners and investors with an overall evaluation of their operations to detect areas in need of improvement and increase productivity. This includes Finance, Management, IT, Networking, Business Intelligence, Accounting, HR-Payroll, Sales & Marketing also positioned to act as a short-term operator on repositioned, distressed or foreclosed assets until the owner’s ultimate goals are met.

The integrity of our business practices is the foundation of our company. We are committed to dealing fairly and honestly at all times; to maintain the trust of our stakeholders; and to comply with all applicable legal requirements.

Our hotel management style is best exemplified through an active involvement from our onsite and corporate staff with each of our hospitality assets in order to excel in services and control expenses. Each property is intently managed and receives continuous support and involvement from our senior level experts including ongoing operational reviews conducted by our experienced senior hotel management team using industry benchmarks, our expertise in hotel industry and hospitality brand standards as our guides.

We integrate our standard by providing high quality products and caring customer service to all our hotel guests. Our commitment doing business in a way that actively demonstrates integrity and our core values: excellence, teamwork, honesty, courtesy, concern, and service and offer only the best quality and value.

We strive for excellence in all that we do. We will never be satisfied with less than the highest standards of performance. Finally, we practice to protect the environment in which we live and make the safety of our employees, guests and the public a top priority.

Inn Equities’s operating structure built on a culture of accountability and empowerment, industry-leading operating procedures encompass all the vital functions performed at every property – front desk, F&B, Sales, HK and maintenance. we regularly coordinate with our Hotel GMs and liaise with owner to plot strategy, monitor performance, foster continuous improvement to ensure overall profitability and brand compliance. our unwavering focus on Key Issues like: Guest satisfaction analysis, Staff Professionalism, rate and yield, Productivity monitoring and labor analysis etc….

Using BI analytical application plus our market knowledge and brand reporting allows us for flexible market specific revenue management decisions. our consistent focus revolving around the fundamentals of pricing, inventory controls, segmentation analysis, forecasting and demand generation, Competition, STR analysis, responding to RFPs, negotiating of corporate rates for maximum ROI and appropriate positioning of our hotel by brand providing continues education and training thus leveraging our hotel brand with our Revenue Management Strategies.

Inn Equities passionately admires in the power of a brand to provide peace of mind to loyalty benefits to frequent guests, or simply an aspiration experience, brands have consistently been shown to impact purchase decisions. Brands gives us insight to global distribution systems, sales forces and savings in purchases, with branded hotels often commanding a higher ADR and our prime focus to deliver on the brand promise and to keep our reputation and great relationship with brand we always go extra miles by auditing quality assurance at each of our hotels.

We ensure the talent of our associates is nurtured and cultivated while ensuring that all employment laws and guidelines are in compliance and with confidence managing critical elements of the business efficiently and professionally. we work in conjunction with Legal adviser and our operational teams to limit exposure and cost of worker’s and unemployment compensation expenses. we make sure that Employee handbook and support from us and employee relation management support are always there tailored to fit each hotel and it’s staff.

our financial reporting and analysis with accuracy and timeliness a core requirements: forecasting and budgeting, monthly operating reports, profit & loss statements, balance sheet, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash flow, quarterly key metrics with earnings releases, filings, investor presentations, Identify opportunities for increasing profitability and sales includes fully trained and fully resourced professionals so you don’t have to deal with training costs, downtime, replacement or personnel issues.

Providing leadership and guidance to our GMs and work in conjunction with our  Sales Directors developing Sales & marketing Plan to have direct bookings, building brand awareness, and generating insights to hotel audience with a highly targeted digital and display advertising campaign by participating with brand promotions and major third parties online Marketing and finally providing tools, insights, and expertise to fuel sales, inspire marketing to optimize revenue and Room Management aspect to generate revenue by evaluating Rate Strategies, inventory and channel management.

Consistent coordination with Owners and GMs, the Sales team to design, implement and monitor Internet Marketing and eCommerce campaigns that fulfill the particular needs of our hotels as in modern time it’s significantly impacting Hotels and leveraging all open opportunities in digital marketing world by proactively monitoring review sites, responding to feedback to build and manage our reputation to maximize better ROI, we implement using latest technologies and Brand’s  best practices in order to rank high.

We streamline food and beverage operations to better manage costs and routinely analyze to maintain costs, minimize waste and pilfering which let us leverage with quality, outstanding service and better value to our guests in order to achieve a higher level of guest satisfaction and reviews. we thrive to excel in Personnel – training covers beverage laws and regulations, beverage management, service standards and strategic menu planning. and well trained to interact in friendly and courteous manners with guests will help keep them coming back.

our variable pricing strategy, based on understanding, anticipating and influencing consumer behavior in order to maximize revenue from a fixed, perishable resource  Hotel rooms are perishable inventories and face widely fluctuating demand patterns varies by season by day and by time of the week. and to be able to sell these segments rooms that best fit their needs. for pleasure travelers, lower-priced rooms booked in advance while business travelers, higher-priced rooms with no penalty may work best, also help when demand fluctuate.

Whether it’s a just built property or Renovating an existing property, upgrading to meet new brand standards or transition with the right resources. Our Experienced Professionals offers full-service furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E) sourcing, procurement and installation services. we work hand-in-hand with brand approved FF&E suppliers to ensure interior design projects meet quality and brand standards at a best price there is and providing personal-touch service, industry expertise and best practices.

Hotel Operations Management

Every Hotel is intently managed and receives continuous involvement from our senior executives including ongoing operational reviews conducted with the management staff using industry benchmarks, our in-depth hotel industry experience, and as per hospitality brand standards.

Our ongoing goal to drive high standards of service and offer guests at our hotels superior quality and value.

Our operational services include:

Turnkey Project Management
Preventative Maintenance Programs
Internal Audit Functions
Guest and Employee Safety Programs
Franchise Compliance Security
Proven Housekeeping Systems
Property, Corporate and Franchise Training
Property Inspections
Cost Containment Programs

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