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HR – Payroll Management – Inn Equities

HR – Payroll Management

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Human Resource & Payroll Management

We will Process Payroll with care by ensuring all the necessary employees paperwork updated and delivering on-time Paychecks or Direct Deposit payments as well as managing the Salary and will file all Payroll Liability taxes on time every time.

We offer a complete solution to administer your payroll and taxes one that includes payroll processing, tax deductions and filings in order to help increase your ability to comply with payroll-related requirements. our Services can help you better manage your business cash flow and your time.

Payroll Set up:

• Complete I9 and W4 with the ability to print paper copies.
• Rehire Eligibility is checked and enforced.
• Mailing address validation for all new-hires.
• We will coordinate with new employees sign documents.
• Web forms in All-Aboard enforce data integrity and completeness.
• No more missing data and ineligible hand writing.
• All completed pages produce a PDF copy that stays on employee record
• Employees can easily sign up for direct deposit and benefit enrollment.

Payroll Functions: The process by which employees receive their salary. Functions involve balancing and reconciling payroll data and depositing and reporting taxes. Our payroll professional takes care of wage deductions, record keeping and verifying the reliability of pay data. The payroll department delivers payroll checks or Direct Deposit, maintains compliance with tax laws, records paperwork for new hires and edits existing employee files. our Payroll professionals are also responsible for calculating reimbursements, Commissions, bonuses, overtime and holiday pay.

HR Functions: Managing people within the organization, Our human resources Professionals aims to bring out the best in employees, thus contributing to the success of the organization. The primary responsibility of the human resources Professionals are to verify and update new hires employees, and this involves attracting the right candidates for available positions. After they bring on new employees, HR professionals must make sure the employees deliver according to expectations. The HR department is responsible for motivating employees by developing compensation packages that may include holiday or midyear bonus awards and salary increments. HR also develops training programs and ensures that employees follow a general direction by reminding them of the organization’s goals.

One Database - One System

We offer a complete solution to administer your payroll and taxes.a complete solution, one that includes payroll processing, tax deductions and filings, and the means to help increase your ability to comply with payroll-related requirements. our clients – our payroll and tax services can help you better manage cash flow, compliance – and your time.

Data Flows

  • Human Resource Management
  • Personnel File Maintenance
  • Personnel Form Management
  • Vacation Tracking and Reporting Sick Leave Tracking and Reporting
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Unemployment Claim Management & Hearing Attendance
  • FLSA Regulation Expertise
  • DOL Compliance Expertise
  • Regulation Monitoring
  • Employee Handbook
  • Performance Review Materials
  • Employee & Manager Training
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